Studio set up

My studio is fully functioning now although there is still some junk to clear out. The new bench I built has become a large painting trolley though rather than a work bench, and I'm using the pedestal as a work bench. Not as I intended but it is more practical not to have to clear everything off the work bench to stretch canvases because I am running both stretching and painting at the same time.

The new website is now live.
Go to
to view paintings and photo composites.

New website

My new website is being launched this month. It is being designed by Blue Perez at Create Folios. On the site will be paintings and photo composites running on a light box using flash. There will also be background info, biography and contact details.

The url for the site is at

Anthony Harper Awards

I've entered the painting 'urban rift' for the 2010 Anthony Harper awards, held in Christchurch at the COCA gallery. It has been accepted for the exhibition which will open on Tuesday 25th May and runs until 4th July.

'urban rift' is composited from some of the buildings around Auckland city, some from the buildings in Fort Street again.

Other news is that a new website is being built and once up and running will be at